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About us

NW Hearts Charity is your local charity, supporting people across Greater Manchester. We are passionate about improving the lives of people who are living with, or at risk of, heart disease, and their families. We fund projects which change lives.

We don’t think that it is acceptable that people in some areas of Greater Manchester have a significantly reduced life expectancy due to poor heart health in comparison to some people living in central London. NW Hearts Charity is determined to reduce these inequalities by improving access to high quality cardiac services, facilities and expertise across the whole region for everyone.

Our purpose

We improve heart health outcomes in and around Greater Manchester.

We promote prevention, education, equality and excellence in heart care.

We raise money so we can support more people and projects to reduce the impact of heart disease.

NW Hearts charity awards a range of financial grants to organisations who can demonstrate how they will improve research, education, facilities, equipment or services over and above what the NHS is able to provide. In order to continue to fund such valuable projects, we strive to raise money through donations, fund-raising, corporate partnerships and from grateful patients who leave us something in their will.

Make a difference


Whatever fund-raising ideas you might have, no matter how big or small, we’d love you to help us to raise funds so that we can keep on improving heart services for local people. You efforts will enable us to award more grants for projects that improve heart disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, above and beyond what the NHS provides.

Become a supporter

Tell your friends and colleagues about us, sign up for our e-newsletter, follow us on social media and share our news. All the work we do and all the money we raise is spent here in Greater Manchester for local people.


Every penny we raise goes towards giving more grants to organisations and teams who can improve heart services for people like you across Greater Manchester.

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Keanan – Fighting heart disease – My Story

Keanan – Fighting heart disease – My Story

My name is Keanan  and I am a 21 year old Physiotherapist who has just qualified from university in Manchester. Here is my story and why I am running the Helsinki Marathon for NW Hearts Charity CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR MY MARATHON RUN My story begins back in October 2023...

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Cardiology peer support forum launches in Wigan

Cardiology peer support forum launches in Wigan

Living with a cardiac condition can increase the likelihood of experiencing anxiety, stress and depression. In turn, these experiences can further worsen cardiac health. Patient support groups are known to be an effective way to help people living with mental health...

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Singing from the Heart

Singing from the Heart

Singing from the Heart Local charity, NW Hearts Charity has partnered up with Intergenerational Music Making to deliver a unique and uplifting project to those living with heart disease. Through a generous grant of £12,000 from NW Hearts Charity, a 6-week programme of...

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