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Pacemaker / device checks

Patient information

Pacemaker / device checks

If you have a pacemaker, a defibrillator or an implantable monitoring device, you will occasionally require checks that your device is functioning normally.

You will be seen in an outpatient clinic to check your device and your wound within six weeks of your implant procedure. This clinic is specifically for newly implanted devices, there will be no doctors available on this clinic. A Cardiac Physiologist will check your device and a specialist nurse may be available with wound care advice. If you need transport to the clinic, please contact your GP. Following this initial appointment, you will be seen regularly. Depending on your type of device and your battery level. We will need to see you more often when your battery is approaching the time it needs to be replaced.

If you don’t receive an appointment letter, or if you need to change the appointment, please telephone the pacemaker / devices team at your hospital.

It is ESSENTIAL that you attend all your clinic appointments. We must regularly check the battery of your device and that your device is working optimally.

Please bring along an up-to-date list of any medications you are on.

If you would like your continuing device checks carried out at your local hospital, please discuss this with the Cardiac Physiologist.

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