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Cath Lab Procedures

- Valves/Structural

Percutaneous valve leak /
VSD closure

These are procedures that take place in the catheter laboratory under local anaesthetic and sometimes with the addition of sedation administered into a vein. The procedure can be a day case procedure or sometimes requires an overnight stay. This procedure is performed if you have an issue with the electrical functioning of the heart.

The ablation procedure is slightly different depending on the underlying condition that is being treated.

Some examples of these procedures are described below.

This is a highly specialised procedure which is only performed at a few centres in the UK, including Wythenshawe Hospital. It is a keyhole procedure whereby special closure ‘devices’ are deployed under x-ray guidance to plug holes in the heart around replacement heart valves or between the two chambers in the heart.


The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and a transoesophageal echocardiogram probe is positioned in the gullet when you are asleep to help guide where the device should sit. 

Main points

1.  A 'keyhole' treatment for closing leaks within the heart

2. Only performed at a few UK centres, including Wythenshawe Hospital

3. Performed under general anaesthetic

You should always talk to your healthcare team about any procedure you're going to have and make sure it is right for you.

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