Cardiology peer support forum launches in Wigan

Living with a cardiac condition can increase the likelihood of experiencing anxiety, stress and depression. In turn, these experiences can further worsen cardiac health.

Patient support groups are known to be an effective way to help people living with mental health difficulties and chronic health problems. Research shows that wellbeing is improved and that the value of sharing of similar experiences is invaluable for patients to find a sense of belonging.

NW Hearts Charity, Greater Manchester’s own local heart charity has awarded a generous £9,600 grant to the Cardiology Department at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary to set up and deliver a new patient support group for their cardiac patients.

Dr Corinna Milroy, Cardiology Clinical Psychologist is very excited to commence the project.  She says “The group will be invaluable to help patients to accept their diagnosis, find a sense of belonging and learn ways of coping from others. We will also be able to provide education via short lectures, signposting and providing resources on relevant subjects such as healthy eating and anxiety strategies. The team are extremely grateful to NW Hearts Charity for enabling us to make this peer support group a reality.

Sue Martin, Operations Manager at NW Hearts Charity said “We are delighted to have been able to facilitate the development of this peer support group.  This project aligns perfectly with our mission to improve the heart health for local people, over and above what the NHS can do.”

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